Move your body, soothe your mind


Yoga With Lis

Lis's classes are designed to nurture and progress student's in living their yoga.


She facilitates this through functional and mindful sequences that unwind and transform old patterns of stress and resistance. This allows for a deeper freedom and stability in movement, breath and meditation. Lis compliments the physical development with practical yogic themes to inquire and reflect. These contemplations are in support of meeting the high demands of modern living with renewed clarity and strength.


She celebrates the uniqueness of every body and invites individuals to find balance in their own practice. Her classes skilfully guide students from the foundation of a posture into slow flow sequences that allow for exploration in depth and rest. She believes this self connection and receptivity is the true advancement of yoga. 


Lis' yoga experience and passion spans over a decade, she's been teaching full time since her first training in 2010. She also offer's regular meditation courses and private coaching.


Over the years she's continued to train with incredible pioneers of contemporary yoga and meditation. These teachers include Rod Stryker, Jack Kornfield and Sarah Powers.  


In her own life yoga and meditation have been transformative methods to reset and awaken calm and clarity. She aims to pass these tools on for students to thrive from within, on and off the mat.

Public Classes in London


Tuesday 7am 60min 

Awaken + Flow Level 2  @ Bhuti Richmond

Wednesday 9:30am 60min

Basics + Yin @ Bhuti Richmond

Thursday 9:30am 60min

Flow One @ Union Station Yoga, Clapham