Why Meditation

Meditation is a life skill.

The energy and clarity gained naturally, enhance our ability to adapt rather than react to the inevitable changes + challenges we all face in our modern-day.

Lis teaches monthly meditation courses in London. She also offers group meditation classes in South West London and Bhuti Studio in Richmond.


If you're interested in private meditation classes in London simply contact Lis directly liscancio@gmail.com.

All enquires and questions are welcome.


Upcoming Meditation Courses in London 2019


27th September - 30th September

25th October - 28th October

29th November - 2nd December

The meditation course will be hosted at the beautiful Bhuti Studio.

50 Hill Rise Richmond, TW10 6UB. 10minute walk from Richmond Station.


The Science

Meditation is a powerful way to rest. Here are some cool science on why this matters;

• Relives insomnia

• Reduces stress & anxiety  
• Enhances focus
• Strengthens the immune system
• Normalisation of blood pressure 
• Supports emotional regulation

The History

The technique has it's origins in the ancient Vedic tradition of India from over 5,000 years ago.


The Veda is a body of knowledge dedicated to exploring how to be in harmony with nature.

The technique and it's teachings are not exclusively 'Indian.' Like Yoga and Ayurvedic medicine, they are universal practices that can be enjoyed and benefited by everyone.

About Vedic Meditation

This popular meditation style is easy to learn and designed for busy, modern people who are seeking better wellbeing, creativity and clarity.


The practice is natural and effortless as it uses a personalized sound called a "mantra" to deepen the attention inward and powerfully rest the body, reducing stress and over thinking. 

How To Learn Meditation

The meditation course is conducted over 4 x 2hr sessions. This is completed over 4 consecutive days, usually from Friday - Monday. This approach will integrate the practice at home, support your learning and allow you to finish feeling confident and capable as a new meditator.

Free Introduction To Meditation Talk

The best way to begin meditation is to book and attend a free Intro To Meditation Talk. 


The Meditation Intro session is 1hr, relaxed, free of obligation and cost. These informative sessions are a great opportunity to ask questions, meet Lis as she outlines the benefits of this meditation style, current science, the technique and structure of the course.

These meditation events are hosted in London, from studios in Richmond, Notting Hill and Clapham.


Monday 2nd September 8pm

Monday 7th October 8pm

Monday 4th November 8pm

Theses meditation talks will be hosted at Bhuti Studio. 

50 Hill Rise Richmond, TW10 6UB. 10minute walk from Richmond Station.







If you're ready to book simply register below.

If you can't make the above times we also offer brief consultations over the phone, approx 15min.

Contact Lis info@liscacnio.com. All enquires are welcome.


What is the course fee?

£420 per person. We also offer payment plans and concession rates.


How long do I meditate for?

The researched and recommended time we suggest is 20 minutes twice a day. 

How do I sit?

No difficult pretzel postures are required, comfortably sitting on a chair with your back supported is A-ok.

Where do I practice?

This practice is portable, you can do it at the office, in a park, on an aeroplane, wherever you can sit comfortably and be warm.

Is this a belief system or Indian?

No it's a non dogmatic practice. Absolutely anyone can learn and benefit from meditation. These techniques are universal ways to stress less and boost your clarity and focus.


Do I need to silence my mind?

No, if your mind is constantly busy, you're in the right place. This course will provide you with the knowledge and tools to understand how to self sooth.

The best way to start is to book a free intro talk with Lis, this can be done over the phone or at one of her regular sessions hosted fortnightly in South West London at a private location.


This 1hr session is relaxed and free of obligation and cost, it's designed to outline the science, technique and structure of the course with Q&A. 



Witness a gratitude ceremony & receive your mantra with essential tools to begin.



Understand the nature of the mind & how to naturally settle it with your mantra.



Learn how stress & emotions are stored and released through meditation. 



Discover how meditation can transform and awaken your wellbeing in daily life.